Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Update - May 24th, 2020

We're back!! Sort of. We are now resuming our in-person services and allowing 100% attendance. However, we are still continuing to practice social distancing to allow for a safe worship environment. Here is what we are doing in our service to encourage a safe and sanitary experience.

No meet-and-greet

Typically, we would have a time of "greeting" in our service each week. This is a time that only lasts a couple of minutes but allows our congregation to welcome each other, hug, and meet guests for the first time. Until further notice, we are no longer having this greeting time.

No passing of trays

We take part in communion every Sunday and collect an offering. Both of these acts of worship typically use trays to help facilitate. Until further notice, we now have designated communion and offering stations in the front and back of our sanctuary where you will be invited to grab your own communion emblems and drop your offering in a basket.

Our doors will be propped open

This is to eliminate as many touch points as possible.

Plenty of hand sanitizer

We have hand sanitizer available in many areas of our sanctuary, bathrooms, and foyer. Help yourself!

A few other things to note

Feel free to wear a mask. Many of our attenders wear masks, many do not. We want you to come comfortable and if that means wearing a mask (or not), go for it! We also encourage you to let others know of your preference to not touch at this time. Someone might approach you for a hand shake. If you're not comfortable with that, please let them know! We are all in this together and no one will be offended either way.

Live Stream

We have no plans to end our live stream at this time. If you are not comfortable joining us in person, join us online! We want you to return whenever you feel comfortable.

Live Stream Bible Study

Being connected to a Bible study is very important to our church. The coronavirus has impacted the way that we are having Bible studies and our need to practice social distancing. We are live streaming a Bible study every Wednesday evening beginning at 6:30pm. During this live stream, we encourage you to participate just as you would in person and ask questions or make comments on our live stream. We will see them and respond during this Bible study time. You can check out our live stream through our Facebook page here or our website here.

Feel free to join in person if you'd like! We're simply offering a live stream version for all those who are more comfortable at home right now.