Youth Group

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Beginning April 7th at 6:30pm

Hi parents! On April 7th, we will be kicking off our Jr/Sr High youth program on Wednesday nights. Chris and Hope Dorman will be leading this group and it will include a Bible study/discussion time, prayer, and some fun games and ice breakers to get the students interacting with each other and breaking out of their comfort zones.

We're really excited about this group on Wednesday night and we need you to help make this group a success. Please speak with your student about Wednesday night and commit to bringing them each week. Encourage them to invite their friends and offer to pick them up too if needed!

Our students today need to have a safe place to gather where they can hang out with like-minded people their age and explore their faith. This will be a time of learning as well as an opportunity for them to ask questions in a judgment-free atmosphere.

We will be mixing up the teaching topics and will deal with mostly apologetic and current event issues that we face today. Some examples might be:

  • Creation vs Evolution
  • The Existence of God (Design and Morality)
  • The Inspiration of the Bible
  • Evil, Pain, and Suffering
  • The Origin and Destiny of the Soul
  • Intelligent Design
  • The Global Flood
  • Dinosaurs
  • Various Ethical Issues of Today
  • Censorship and Cancel Culture

There will be other lessons sprinkled in throughout the year but that's a general idea of what we will be looking at each week. This will be done around a campfire every Wednesday night to add to the discussion-like atmosphere we hope to create.

To give us a better idea of who to expect and how many, please sign up below. Include any friends that you know might come that first night. We might do pizzas or something that first night as a fun way to start this new program.

Thanks, parents!!